The UX Design 101

A new online course for UX Design and User Research.

By Max Brinckmann.


Level up your UX Design and User Research game with this ongoing series of online classes!

My name is Max and I am thrilled that you’re interested in my classes on UX Design and User Research! I look back at more than ten years of professional experience and have been fortunate to work at agencies as well as large corporations and for clients such as Opel, Nestlé, Miele and many more. I’m currently supporting the User Experience Strategy & Design team at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany as a Senior User Experience Designer.

I do firmly believe in sharing knowledge as the key to self-improvement. To make knowledge in UX accessible for everyone, I launched The UX Design 101 – an growing series of online courses covering many different topics on User Experience Design, User Research & UX Research, UI Design, Digital Product Design, and much more. These courses will be hosted on Skillshare, a great platform for learning and growing. The UX Design 101 comes with 14 days of free Skillshare premium which is an absolute steal as you get access to the entire Skillshare platform with thousands of other online classes as well! Redeem your 14 days freebie now!

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Class #1: User Interviews

Did you ever conduct user interviews? Is it maybe your daily business? At whichever stage you might be, this course will help you to get a solid foundation as well as helpful hints and tricks to master this discipline!

During a user interview situation, it can be really challenging to find the right words and to not bias your interviewees. Throughout the years, I learned where you need to put your attention and when it’s best to stay silent. Profit from my experience and bring yourself to the next level of your user research and make your website or app project a success!

Class #2: Surveys

Surveys are one of the most popular tools when it comes to collecting quantitative data. It’s favoured by many because it can be set up really quickly and it’s fairly easy to read the data that comes out of it. Still, there are many factors that need to be considered in order to not mess up your conversion rate, keep your participants entertained, and get the most out of your survey responses.

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